Should You Repair Your Gas Boiler or Replace It With A New One

When it comes to deciding between repairing or replacing your boiler you will find some things you need take into consideration.First, you need to find a Gas Safe boiler engineer that knows what he is doing, what I mean with that is, there are many good engineers who only specialise in installing boilers and only carry out simple straight forward servicing.When it comes to fault finding on a boiler this is a many different skill, boilers are individuals need to complex with many electronics to test.

The best way to get yourself a company that specialises in boiler repairs is to contact the Gas Safe Register, they will be able to supply you with 3 local contact numbers.Before you’re making contact with any of your companies try and discover your boiler make and model, you should find these details inside the boiler case, also if possible the boilers age, this will help the engineer when he comes to visit the boiler.

When the boiler engineer arrives question him if he thinks it’s worth restoring your boiler or if it is replaced. Don’t forget though you include the client and the one that will be making payment on the invoice. Don’t make any decision straight away, always sleep on it.Next, if you are boiler is over 12 years old consider replacing it with a new high efficiency copy. Your old boiler may have been working fine for a long period before, but boilers makers stop producing spares parts after 10 years, yes spares may be available but as Heatserve Solutions UK they become scarcer price tag starts to rise, older boilers will almost expensive to improvement.

I would always advise replacing when the boiler is over 12 years age-old. Most new boilers now come with no less 2 year warranty which can be extended if needed, some makes offer 5 years as standard. Don’t forget though having a protracted warranty doesn’t mean you don’t need an annual products and services. All warranties are offered on the terms that an annual service is engaged in.All new boilers are better for the environment than the older models.

You will also see a big reduction in the running costs close to 30% plus. We all know the cost of gas is high, so any involving saving is an additional.What you have to consider is should the repair to your boiler is inexpensive then it is going to be repairing, but should the cost be upon the high side you’re throwing your money away. You always be way up the advantages and disadvantages. Though it will be costlier to replace the boiler, it could be cheaper in the longer term.Your boiler is the heart of one’s home, it provides you with all the hot water you need and keeps you warm in the colder months. So look after it, have a service carried on the net.